Kernel Power 41 Error Solved 2021 Updated

Many of the people face an Event ID 41-related error called Kernel-Power. There are a number of causes behind experiencing this error on the PC, as it often appears in the Windows Event Viewer that displays a log of app and system messages, such as info messages, warnings, errors, etc. And, we all know that each problem has a solution, so does the Kernel-Power error has. Let us dive into the article about How to fix the Kernel-Power error and learn the possible solutions to fix it with ease.

What Is Kernel-Power 41 Error & Why Is It Critical?

The error event 41 kernel power windows 10 flaunts when the PC reboots without perfectly closing all the tabs or functions and shutting it down forcefully. It also occurs when the system is not able to shut down regularly by following the precise shutdown process. Some other reasons, which cause the Kernel-Power 41 error to pop up include the restart of the PC, power loss, or the system crash. The Kernel-Power error 41 is critical because it triggers uncertainty in the PC, which prevents your PC from performing as fast and perfectly as it usually should be.

When the error occurs, the event gets logged in Event Viewer. Event Viewer is the component of Windows that logs all the events occurring in the OS and lets the user check as and when required. The error is critical as it may result in the loss of important data that the user might be working upon. Also, the error occurs as a result of a power outage, causing the system to crash or stop responding.

What Causes the Kernel-Power 41 Error?

Event 41 kernel power can occur under a number of situations. The most common reason for the occurrence of the error is the failure of the power supply or underpowered PC. Other possible reasons can be hardware problems linked to RAM, outdated drivers, or an overheated system. The error can appear randomly at any time. The Kernel power 41 mostly occurs in Windows 10 and is not a fatal error preventing the system from starting up. Neither the error causes the blue screen to appear. The error only asks the user to restart the system that may result in data loss. The system follows the sequence of incorrect reboots during the power issue, which causes the kernel power 41 Windows 10 to appear.

In most computers, the error has occurred after connecting an additional device or inserting additional RAM. In addition to that, a system with outdated drivers, especially the audio drivers have shown the error. Users also need to check if the system contains any duplicate drivers. Enabling fast startup or incorrect power plans can also be the possible reasons that cause the Kernel power 41 to appear.

3 Methods to Fix the Kernel-Power 41 Error:

Let us know the methods, following which you can easily fix the kernel power error 41 without any hurdles. The event 41 kernel-power fix methods are as below:

Method1: Updating the Drivers

Updating the drivers in your system is one of the methods for event 41 kernel-power windows 10 fix because the Drivers let any software and Operating System know how to interact with any specific hardware.

Your system may not be functioning well if you do not install a proper driver. It can also cause the error 41 kernel power.

It is easy to update the driver manually on your PC. Follow the step-wise guide to update the drivers:

Step1: Go to the Start menu and open the Device Manager available option available there.

Step2: A list of the connected devices will open.

Step3: Click on the arrow near the device for which you want to update the driver. Right-click on the device name and click on the Update Driver option from the menu.

Step4: A dialog will open with ‘2 options, viz. Search automatically for drivers and Browse My Computer for drivers. Selecting the first option will make Windows search the internet and computer for the latest driver for the selected device. You will have to search and install the drivers manually with the second option. And, for the second option, you need to download the drivers in advance on your computer or USB drive.

Step5: Select the option of your choice and follow the instructions.

Method2: Update the Power Settings

Step1: Type power in the Windows search and select the option; Power & Sleep settings from the search result.

Step2: In the Power Options window, select the Additional power settings by clicking on it

Step3: Click on Change plan settings

Step4: Click on the link Change advanced power settings

Step5: Expand the Hard disk in the Advanced settings dialog and select the Never option under Turn off hard disk after or enter 0

Step6: Expand the Sleep option and set the timer to 0

Step7: Click on Apply button to save the settings, then click on the OK button.

Method3: Uninstall the Recent Updates

Sometimes, new versions have bugs that cause the Windows 10 kernel power error. If the error was not appearing before the update, follow the below steps to uninstall the recent updates.

Step1: Press the keys Windows + I to open the settings

Step2: Select the Update and Security option

Step3: Click on View update history under View optional updates head

Step4: Click on Uninstall updates on the next window and uninstall the most recent updates only and now restart your system

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Is getting a blue screen on the system risky for my system?

A: Blue screen error appears when the Operating System detects something that can damage the hardware. It is a way by which the computer warns the user about upcoming hardware damage.

Q 2: What is the use of kernel?

A: Kernel is like an intermediate that connects software and hardware. It manages the disk usage, computer memory, processes, and drivers.

Q 3: How the kernel and OS are different?

A: Kernel and OS are different as OS is a stand-alone program while the kernel is part of the OS that connects software to their respective hardware.

Final Verdict:

This article covered another important and commonly occurring error in Windows 10. If you were facing this error, now you know the causes behind it. Understanding these causes can help you prevent the error from occurring in the future. Also, the event 41 kernel-power windows 10 fix shared in this article will help you get rid of the error and work on your system smoothly.

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