Critical Process Died Error Fixed 2021

Every computer user must have encountered the blue screen of death, commonly called BSOD can ruin your work and day. BSOD is linked to more than 500 errors, and Stop Code Critical Process Died is one of them. However, in the Windows 10 Critical Process Died on boot occurs less frequently, as compared to the previous versions of Windows but still, the error annoys when occurs. The most worrisome thing is the fear of losing the unsaved data.

This article will not only explain different solutions to fix the Critical Process Died Windows 10 but also the causes to prevent them from occurring in the future to some extent. The Windows 10 Critical Process Died on startup appears sometimes due to software or hardware issues. It occurs when the critical component of the OS identifies some unauthorized activity. Apart from that, it can also occur due to a memory issue or a buggy driver. Luckily, there are various ways to remove the error. Let us uncover more about this error and see how to get rid of it.

What Is Causing The Critical Process Died Issue On Windows 10?

BSOD Critical_Process_Died is the error with a code 0x000000EF, which implies that the computer is died. It is a critical issue that can cause damage to the memory, hard disk, or processor. But you must be wondering why your computer is showing this Critical Process Died error. Windows operating system provides complete security to the data and their access. OS ensures that the data and different parts of the system can be accessed by the authorized applications only. If, anyhow, Windows detects the data accessed by some unauthorized application, the critical component of Windows steps in and causes this error.

Most of the time, the error is caused by the buggy driver. But sometimes, the cause is not predictable. This is because the instances of the occurrence of the error have been heard in brand new laptops also or even the ones that are running flawlessly for many years. Hence, it is necessary to find the actual cause and then try fixing it. You can also start using the methods one by one to fix the issue shared next in this article.

5 Fixes for Critical Process Died:

Below are some of the fixing methods that you can try to resolve the Critical_Process_Died Windows 10 in your computer is showing:

Fix1: Run an SFC Scan

Running an SFC scan is an effective solution to get rid of the error Critical Process Died Windows 10 is showing, but it may not remove the error always. However, try once else you have many other methods.

Step 1: In the Windows search box, type cmd and open the command prompt with the Run as administrator option to get the full privileges.

Step 2: In the command prompt, type the below command and press enter.


Step 3: Restart your computer as soon as the command runs successfully.

Fix 2: Update Device Drivers

Buggy Drivers is the common cause for Critical Process Died Blue Screen Error. So you can try fixing it by updating all the drivers. Below are the two ways to get the correct drivers for monitor and video calls.

  • Manual Driver Update

You can search the drivers at the manufacturer’s website and get the latest version. Make sure you get the driver with your Windows 10 Variant.

  • Automatic Driver Update

If you find it difficult to update the driver manually, you can use software, such as Driver Easy. The software identifies your system and locates the correct drivers matching your system requirements. It will install the drivers after downloading them. After installation, you need to scan the software and find the drivers causing problems.

Fix 3: Perform a Clean Boot

Clean Boot in safe mode is another solution you can try if you are experiencing Critical Process Died.

Step 1: Press Keys Windows + R. Type msconfig and press Enter to open the System Configuration Windows

Step 2: Select Load System Services and Selective Startups in the System Configuration Windows

Step 3: Check the option Hide all Microsoft Services and strike the Disable All option

Fix 4: Run System Restore

If the Stop Code Critical Process Died has started appearing recently, try restoring the updates to the previous version by following the below steps.

Step 1: In Windows Search, type Update and Security and click Enter button

Step 2: Click on the Recovery option present on the left side of the screen

Step 3: Under Reset This PC heading, click on Get Started button and select the Keep My Files option

Step 4: Follow the instruction given on the screen and complete the Reset process

Fix 5: Clean boot your computer

This is another method you can try by cleanly booting the system with a minimal set of drivers.

Step 1: In Windows search, type System Configuration and press Enter.

Step 2: In the System Configuration window, select the check-box Hide all Microsoft services and click on Disable all button.

Step 3: Click on the option Open Task Manager.

Step 4: In the Task Manager, under the Startup tab, select all items and then click on Disable button.

Step 5: Close the Task Manager window.

Step 6: In the System Configuration window, under the Startup tab, click the OK button and restart your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: How can I fix the Critical_Process_Died Windows 10 error?

A: The error “Critical Process Died” can easily be fixed in Windows 10 using the following solutions, such as updating the drivers, going for the system restore, checking disc errors, uninstalling the latest software, performing a clean boot, running an SFC scan, and more.

Q 2: What can cause the ‘Critical Process Died Windows 10’ error?

A: Occurring the Windows 10 Stop Code Critical Process Died error means the required process to run the system closed abruptly due to various reasons. In simple words, it happens due to missing or corrupted files, virus attacks, bad sectors, compatibility issues, bad device drivers, and more.

Q 3: Can the BSOD Critical_Process_Died error occur because of the hardware issue?

A: The Buggy or Faulty software or hardware programs installed are the massive causes of the error Critical Process Died. If you have recently installed a few of the hardware of program components, then you must try upgrading these components to the newer versions available or you can remove them all properly from your computer.

Q 4: How to resolve the Windows 10 Critical Process Died no safe mode?

A: There are a number of ways to resolve the Windows 10 Critical Process Died. Some of them are below:

  • Update system drivers
  • Clean boot
  • Run system restore
  • Uninstall, rollback, or disable drivers
  • Run SFC command
  • Run DISM

Q 5: Can I prevent the error from occurring in the future if I take care of the causes behind the error?

A: Yes, you can prevent the error from occurring to some extent. As an example, you can keep the drivers updated, keep track of the drivers causing issues, keep track of the memory usage in your system, check the performance and working of different software and hardware, and use antivirus.

Final Verdict:

The article explained the Critical Process Died error that you must have encountered at least once in your lifetime. The error might seem annoying and difficult to get rid of. But after reading this article, you won’t find it difficult anymore. This article explained the causes of the error so that you can prevent them from occurring in the future and different methods to fix them. You can try any or all of them and get rid of the error. We hope you liked the article and find it difficult.

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