What Is Windows Bt And How To Delete It? [2021]

Have you noticed the low space on your computer? It might be because of the $Windows~bt folder. When the computer is upgraded to Windows 10, the Windows bt folder gets created in the C-Drive. It is a temporary folder generated during the upgrading of it. The folder is present in the hidden form, and you need to unhide it from the settings to view this folder. This folder contains the installation files that allow you to revert to the previous version of the Operating System. The only drawback of this folder is that it takes memory in gigabytes that affects the performance of your PC. Hence you might feel the need to delete this folder. You cannot delete the folder by simply Right-Clicking and selecting the Delete option. Read the article to know how to delete $Windows bt Windows 10.

What Is the $Windows.~bt Folder?

$Windows.~bt is the hidden folder created in the drive of your computer where the OS gets installed. Earlier, when Windows 10 was available free, and the users used to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10, the computer installs the installation files and stores them in the folder named $Windows.bt. The folder is hidden and cannot get deleted by mistake. Computer with Windows 10 operating system still has this folder containing the older versions of Windows 10. As the folder contains the earlier version, it allows you to revert to the previous version of the operating system. The folder takes a lot of space on your system in gigabytes, mainly on the drive where the OS is present. If you do not need the folder and want to use this memory, read the article to know how to delete this folder as its deletion is not that straightforward.

How to Check If You Have a $Windows.~bt Folder?

If you want to delete the $Windows~bt folder, you need to unhide the hidden files and folders first as the folder is present as hidden. Follow the below steps to see if the Windows.~bt folder is available on your computer or not.

Step 1: In Windows search, type Folder Options and click on File Explorer Options.

Step 2: Select the View tab in the File Explorer Options window.

Step 3: Under Advanced settings, within Files and Folders head, select the radio button saying Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Step 4: Click OK buttons and save your changes.

Step 5: In your computer, open the drive where the operating system is installed. If the $Windows. bt folder is present on your computer, it will get hidden and appear here.

How to Delete the $Windows .~BT Folder?

If you encounter a memory issue on your computer, you can consider deleting the $Windows-bt Folder. You need to check if it is present on your computer using the steps shared above in this article. But make sure that you do not need to rollback to the previous version because once the folder gets deleted, you can’t revert to the previous version of the Operating System. Deleting Windows.BT folders is not like we delete other folders. Below is the disk cleanup method that you can use to delete the $Windows. BT folder.

Step 1: In Windows search, type cleanmgr and click on Disk Cleanup.

Step 2:  Select the drive and click on the OK button. Wait for the scan to complete.

Step 3: Below list of options appears. Select the ones that appear in your case.

  • Temporary files
  • Temporary Windows installation files
  • Previous Windows installations
  • Windows upgrade log files
  • Windows update cleanup

Step 4: Click the OK button and setup, log, and installation files present in the $Windows~bt folder will get deleted.

After performing the above steps, you need to check if the folder is deleted or not. If the folder is still present, right-click on the folder and click on delete. If you get the error that you do not have the permissions, try deleting using the command prompt. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Can we delete $Windows. BT Folder?

A: It is an easy task to delete the Windows bt folder as it is a temporary folder. You can do this by following the steps already shared in this article to delete this folder and save space in gigabytes.

Q 2: How can one remove c $Windows.bt Access Denied?

A: You need to check out a few steps as below to remove c:\Windows bt Access Denied:

Hit Windows Key + X together and open Command Prompt as an Administrator

Select the folder for which you want to change the permission

Type below command in the command prompt:

icacls * /T /Q /C /RESET

Q 3: How to delete or uninstall Windows bt Folder?

A: Following are the steps to uninstall the $Windows bt Windows 10:

  • In Windows search, type Disk Clean-up
  • Now select the Disk Cleanup app and open it
  • Select Cleanup System files from the Disk Cleanup utility and the Disk Cleanup utility will not be visible anymore
  • Once the utility reappears, a list of options will open. Select these options:
    • Temporary files
    • Temporary Windows installation files
    • Previous Windows installations
    • Windows upgrade log files
    • Windows update cleanup
  • Click on OK to delete the Windows bt Folder

Final Verdict:

This article explained what the Windows bt Folder is. You might be facing a memory issue on your computer but unaware of the existence of any such folder. Now you know how to delete $Windows. bt and make your computer free of unwanted installation files. In this way, you can also improve the performance of the computer. We hope you like this article and follow us for more similar articles.

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