Kmode Exception Not Handled Windows 10 Error 2021 Solved

Kmode Exception Not Handled Windows 10 Error

Kmode exception not handled Windows 10 is another blue screen of death error that Windows users encounter. It causes the system to restart, and users may lose their work due to this sudden restart of the system. Also, the system may again show the error after the user restarts the system, and a restart loop may … Read more

What Is Windows Bt And How To Delete It? [2021]

windows bt

Have you noticed the low space on your computer? It might be because of the $Windows~bt folder. When the computer is upgraded to Windows 10, the Windows bt folder gets created in the C-Drive. It is a temporary folder generated during the upgrading of it. The folder is present in the hidden form, and you … Read more

Kernel Power 41 Error Solved 2021 Updated

Kernel Power 41

Many of the people face an Event ID 41-related error called Kernel-Power. There are a number of causes behind experiencing this error on the PC, as it often appears in the Windows Event Viewer that displays a log of app and system messages, such as info messages, warnings, errors, etc. And, we all know that … Read more

Critical Process Died Error Fixed 2021

Critical Process Died

Every computer user must have encountered the blue screen of death, commonly called BSOD can ruin your work and day. BSOD is linked to more than 500 errors, and Stop Code Critical Process Died is one of them. However, in the Windows 10 Critical Process Died on boot occurs less frequently, as compared to the … Read more

We Couldn’t Complete The Updates Undoing Changes Error [2021]

we couldn't complete the updates undoing changes

The ‘we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes’ error is the commonly occurring error that appears for different reasons while installing the updates on Windows 10. If you are reading this article, there are chances that you might have encountered this error and looking for a solution to get rid of it. This error appears … Read more